“If you lose your Purpose, they take your Humanity.”

 From CANCEL, Book One in The Continuum Trilogy


You are given one Purpose in this society—the very thing it is built upon. From birth, you must grow into this Purpose and keep hold of it with your life. If you were to lose this Purpose? Simple. The leaders who govern this small existence Repurpose you so that you will not fail again. These leaders shatter your Humanity by permanently eliminating your emotions.

Venn believes in forming to the social norms of Cancel’s society. However, his feelings for newcomer to his society, Cender, could very well expose his lost Purpose. Against all odds and his immense will to conform, because it is how his kind in this society survive, Venn must fight in a civil war with impossible odds; one that he never even thought would exist in his world:

War against the one’s who govern this society.

War against his sister with a fate to alter Cancel’s society altogether.

War against his psychologically damaged father.

War against his own people.

War against himself.

So, I’ll ask you…

What is your Purpose?


COMING SOON: More on my first novel, CANCELBook One in The Continuum Trilogy.

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